p1090399Kosciusko-Attala History

by the

Kosciusko-Attala Historical Society

Walsworth Publishing Company, Marceline MO


(Used copies are available online – $45 and up – on  Alibris, Abe Books, and  Amazon. Contact the Attala Historical Society for the availability of new copies.)

At 313 pages, this book contains a tremendous amount of information about the Kosciusko and Attala County (but little or no information on the Mitchell and Wilson families). “Geographically, its boundaries have remained as they were first set. Economically there have been no periods of great prosperity or poverty. As to her population, it too, has for the most part, remained stable – made up of the descendants of the first settlers.”

Attala County, named for an Indian princess in the popular 1798 book The Natchez by Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand (who spelled it Atala). The town of Kosciusko is named for a member of General George Washington’s staff during the Revolutionary War, Thaddeus Kosciuszko.

Sadly, this book does not contain an index.