If you are a member of this Wilson family you are related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, albeit a bit indirectly.

How are we related? It’s a long story:

I’ll begin with Wilson brothers L.A. (1890-1962), Roy (1894-1968) , Frank (1899-1981) and Willie (1902-1948).

Roy, Wm Ransom, Lemuel Albert (L.A.) and Leona Mitchell Wilson (ca. 1898)

Their mother was Leona A. Mitchell Wilson (1868-1930), pictured above.

Leona’s father was Confederate veteran Albert Pierce Mitchell (1844-?) of Attala County, MS.

Pierce’s father was Albert Washington Mitchell (1810-1881), born in Laurens District, SC.

Albert’s father was Nimrod Mitchell Jr. (1779-1837) of the Abbeville District, SC.

Nimrod’s mother was Mary Elizabeth Penn (1746-1818) of Caroline County, VA.

Mary Elizabeth’s father was Joseph Penn (1717-1774). Joseph’s brother Moses Penn (1712-1759)  and wife Catherine Taylor Penn were the parents of John Penn (1740-1788), a representative to the Continental Congress for North Carolina.

So this signer of the Declaration of Independence is your great-great-great-great-grandmother’s first cousin, give or take a ‘great’ or two.