This Wilson-Gray family has been in the United States for about 300 years. Most of our ancestors were farmers in South Carolina, North Carolina or Virginia in pre-Revolutionary War times. The most recent immigrant member of the family that I’m aware of is Lucy Granville Penn (1673-1719). Lucy was born in  Gloucestershire in southwest England, near Wales. Lucy is the grandmother of John Penn, our cousin who signed the Declaration of Independence (see earlier post). Specifically:

Leona Mitchell Wilson (1868-1930), mother of brothers L.A., Frank, Roy and Willie, was the daughter of Albert Pierce Mitchell (1844-?), the son of Albert Washington Mitchell (1810-1881), the son of Nimrod Mitchell Jr (1779-1837), the son of Mary Elizabeth Penn Mitchell (1746-1818), the daughter of Joseph Penn (1717-1774), the son of Lucy Granville Penn (1673-1719). I don’t know when or how she came to Colonial America…yet.