Bubba made the mistake of trying to pass the bus on the right side and the skirt of the scooter caught the edge of the pavement and suddenly came to a stop and the momentum threw us out in front of the bus. The bus driver hit the brakes and the right front wheel of the bus was up on my right thigh just above the knee. At first I felt nothing and looked over to see Bubba who was laying between the left front and rear wheels.  Suddenly the pain hit me and I begin to scream.  The bus had stalled and the driver could not get it started so the people got out of the bus.  When I screamed Bubba had gotten up from under the bus and ran to the front of the bus about the same time as the bus passengers were in front of the bus and they all pushed the bus off my leg. 

When we got to the hospital they found Bubba was worst off and took him to operating room first.  All I remember was that Bubba had lost a front tooth and a blood clot in his leg.  As he was coming out of the operating room he was throwing up from the ether they had given him and his mom was trying to catch all of it in hopes he maybe had swallowed the broken tooth.  I had no broken bones just injuries to the muscles.  Took a long time to heal and walk without crutches.   — Billy’s memories, August 2015