John F.

Somehow I blessedly discovered the website Chronicling America, sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress. Chronicling America provides access to information about historic newspapers and select digitized newspaper pages, and is produced by the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP).

Today’s discovery: the Okolona (Mississippi) Messenger. And a paragraph about John A. “Jack” Thompson (1841-1917), father of Alice Madora Thompson Gray (1880-1907), and grandfather to Annabelle Gray Wilson (1907-2002).

Check out this great newspaper banner:

Okolona Messager cover

And about my great-great-grandfather, who lost part of a leg due to a gunshot wound in the Battle of Franklin (TN) in the Civil War:

Jack Thompson

“In this issue will be found the announcement of Mr. Jack F. Thompson, of Houston, as a candidate for county treasurer of Chickasaw, in the usual form. Honest Jack Thompson is the complimentary way in which his neighbors, and everybody in the county for that matter, refer to him, and it is difficult to imagine any more complimentary identification that could be made of one who is so generally well known and universally respected. Mr. Thompson has served the people of the county in various capacities as a public servant, and in no case has he ever been found wanting. He has served as county treasurer before and will doubtless find all who have supported him in the past only too willing to again confer upon him the honor. As the custodian of the people’s money, Mr. Thompson’s past record is a most excellent guarantee of future reliability, and no one will have the slightest fear but that the charge will be fully kept, in case he is again chosen treasurer. Those who know Mr. Thompson understand that he cannot do much running on foot, but that he will who his ability to pass under the wire at the finish, if his good conduct in the past is taken as a signal, none will doubt.”

Jack Thompson #2

“Jack F. Thompson, of Houston, candidate for county treasurer, was over and with the smiling encouragement of other friends and supporters he met here from various ports of the county did not fail to greet those whom he had not been able to meet before this spring and tell them how much he would appreciate their vote and kindly support. Jack Thompson has the confidence of a large number of the old timers who have watched his course as a public official and always admired his fidelity to the trust.”

Jack Thompson elected

April 25, 1915 in the Okolona (MS) Messenger

April 25, 1915 in the Okolona (MS) Messenger

“The familiar name of Jack F. Thompson will be found in our announcement column as a candidate for County Treasurer. For many years this one-legged Confederate Veteran has been known to the voters of this county, serving in different official capacities at different times. Twice he has filled the office he now asks at the hands of the people and each time to the satisfaction of those who elected him. Other official trusts reposed in him have been equally well executed.

You know this man, you know what he has done heretofore and what to expect of him in the future, why should we say more when nothing we might tell you would add to your knowledge of him or add to your good opinion of his fidelity to duty. He is before you and asks your support on merit and past duties well performed. Remember him when you go to the polls next August.”

This time it appears he was not re-elected.

Jack Thompson not re-elected 1915

Jack Thompson not reelected 2