Wilson-Mitchell-Gray-Thompson families from Attala & Chickasaw Counties in Mississippi

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[Updates are in blue – 3/24/2011]

Anna Belle Gray Wilson — Anna was her maternal grandmother’s name; Belle was her father’s sister (Belle Houston). He must have been close to her; after his wife Alice died, Lott and his two older children, Tip and Edna) went to live with Belle and her family. Infant Anna Belle went to live with her mother’s parents.

Nancy Edna Gray Trussell – Nancy was her paternal grandmother’s name (Nancy Morehead Gray), who died a few years before she was born.  Edna might have been one of her great aunts (Edna Jane Gray).

Thompson (Tip) Everett Gray — Thompson was his mother’s maiden name.

Lott Dulin Gray — Father of Anna, Edna and Tip, he was likely named for his father’s younger brother, Lott Dulin Gray. Dulin was their mother’s maiden name (Demaris Dulin Gray).


Lemuel Albert Wilson (Sr.)— Born July 29, 1890, L.A.  was named for his father’s youngest brother Lemuel who had died at age 19 a few months before (April 17, 1890; buried near his father in the Kosciusko City Cemetery).  Albert was his maternal grandfather’s name  (Albert Pierce Mitchell, a Confederate veteran) and his also great-grandfather’s (Albert Washington Mitchell) name.

Frank Mitchell Wilson — Haven’t found a connection to Frank. Mitchell was his mother’s maiden name.

Roy Leon Wilson (Sr.)— Haven’t found a connection to Roy. Leon is perhaps short for Leona, his mother’s name.

Willie Arnold Wilson (Sr.) — Willie was what his father was sometimes listed as in census records. Haven’t yet found a connection to Arnold.